A heritage of hunting separates Nikko Stirling from its competitors. Nikko Stirling does not produce spectacles, jewelry, cameras or microscopes. We specialize only in Optics for hunting.

Our philosophy is to provide the hunters or target shooters with optics they need to be successful in their sport. Since 1956 this has been our goal. Today the Nikko Stirling range is a result of the evolution of solving the challenges faced by hunters throughout the world.

During 2006 Nikko Stirling is proud to be celebrating 50 years since its inception by Malcolm John Fuller (1924-1994).

Born in Australia, Malcolm Fuller had an early exposure to firearms and hunting on Australian farms that were abundant with wild boar, deer, goats, foxes and rabbits. This early exposure and subsequent lifelong pursuit of hunting larger game provided Malcolm Fuller with tremendous practical experience that has been a cornerstone to the development of riflescopes under the Nikko Stirling range.

Initially utilizing optics factories that were emerging in Japan in the 1950s, he founded the Stirling Scope Company Ltd in Tokyo, Japan to manufacture and export Nikko Stirling riflescopes to Europe, Africa and Australasia.

Few other makers of riflescopes can claim their origins in hunting; most are divisions of related optics factories. This distinction is particularly important in the development of today's range of Nikko Stirling riflescopes. Practical experience incorporated into our designs combined with manufacturing and component quality ensures the hunter's needs are met and satisfied.

Today the range of Nikko Stirling riflescopes offers a choice for all firearms enthusiasts. Serious hunters look to our DIAMOND series scopes, While new enthusiasts start out with a M OUNTMASTER scope on their air gun or .22 rifles.

Still working after more than 40 years! This Nikko Stirling Tiara 4x28 riflescope dates from the early 1960's.

Congratulations to Paul Cray winner of both the USFT and world FT PCP championships! Paul has owned his Nikko Stirling Diamond Sportsman Riflescope for 3 years and has enjoyed growing success.

In 2007 Nikko Stirling was recognised for this innovation by the US Shooting Illustrated magazine by awarding us the Golden Bullseye Award winner for Optics in 2007. We are proud to have achieved this recognition.

Nikko Stirling is the registered trademark of Nikko Stirling International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Please email us on admin@nikkostirling.com for further details or enquiries concerning our products.

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Nikko Stirling has been sold throughout the United Kingdom through various distributors. In 2007 Highland Outdoors were appointed as the new exclusive distributor for the NikkoStirling range and have pushed and increased the range andavailability of the Nikko Stirling brand since their appointment. The Nighteater series has been a very popular series of scopes for the last couple of years in the UK and this has been due primarily to the fact that they represent fantastic value for money and at the same time providing many features that you would normally pay a lot more money for.