This series is packed with features. The Panamax series have been designed around an extremely wide angle field of view which is approx 20% more than the average comparable 1”scopes on the market today. Continuing with our proven hard anodized high grade aluminium main tubes the new design is not only visually appealing but also durable to handle heavy recoil rifles. Available as well with parallax adjustment on bell (AO) and illuminated reticle (IR). The illuminated models feature a red and green illuminated Half Mil Dot reticle and make it a top performer from Dawn-till-Dusk. This scope is sure to be a hit with hunters and recreational shooters everywhere.


20% more field of view


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Code: NPW3940


Code: NPW3950

3-9x40 AO

Code: NPW3940AO

3-9x50 AO

Code: NPW3950AO

4-12x50 AO

Code: NPW41250AO

4.5-14x50 AO

Code: NPW451450AO

3-9x40 IR

Code: NPGI3940

3-9x50 IR

Code: NPGI3950

3-9x40 AO IR

Code: NPGI3940AO

3-9x50 AO IR

Code: NPGI3950AO

4-12x50 AO IR

Code: NPGI41250AO

4.5-14x50 AO IR

Code: NPGI451450AO