The Ultimax series is developed for hunters which are looking for the top end at reasonable costs. This 30mm scope series is developed and made in Japan. Best glass, optimized coatings and optical calculations combined with production to tightest tolerances in our industry delivers a premium product with a crisp clear image. Precise small fiber illuminated center dots supports accurate shooting. The outstanding field of view (FOV) of 40m@100m on the driven hunt model allows quick and save shots on close distances. All features 30mm maintubes and bell diameters up to 56mm covers the need for hunts in bad light conditions or during night.


Fiber Optic Illumination System
This new technology is an important improvement of the common illumination systems, used for all Ultimax scopes. It offers an extreme bright and precisely illuminated sharp red dot at the same time. Even in brightest conditions as on snow, sun or sand your Ultimax scope supports your hunt with a perfect illuminated precise red dot. Of course lowest settings of this illumination are optimized and field tested for lowest light conditions. This helps your shooting and is a major difference to common illuminated reticles.




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Code: UL1624


Code: UL251050


Code: UL31256